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Twitter for live results, timeline, location and pics, we use Facebook as central communications and coordination, and YouTube to tell the world.

Analysis of the 2011 Vancouver Riots (2011 Stanley Cup Riots) and the role that social media played to bring rioters to justice. What is social media?  What is justice? What is legal?  What is private? Do Canadian laws prevail on the Internet?  Who’s jurisdiction?

  • What is it? = “Facebook Justice”, “Social Media Justice”, “Social Media Vigilantes”, “Law Enforcement 2.0″,”Citizen Journalism”, “Crowd-sourcing Surveillance”, “Social Crime Reporting”, “Social Media Riot”, “Digital Lynch Mob”
  • What are the tools? = Internet, smartphones, digital photographs, computers, digital videos
  • What protocols and document formats? = HTTP, JPG, AVI, PNG, MP4
  • What are the applications? = Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia,Tumblr, WordPress, Flickr, Picasa
  • What are the data mining tools? = Python Scripts – MediaMiner
  • Who is at the top of the social media heap? = Facebook groups, Bloggers, News Media, Police, Wikipedia
  • Can the flow of information be managed? = Apple with new product launches
  • Could the crisis be managed in social media? = Injecting into the feeds
  • What are the challenges of processing data? = Text Data, Photo Data, Video Data
  • What other tools? = Traditional news like newspapers and television
  • Who are the actors? = Gawkers, photogs, videonerds, instigators, rioters, criminals, anarchists, bloggers, FBer’s, citizens, police, media, emergency workers, parents, insurance companies, health care workers
  • Who are not part of this thing = (no poor, no internet connected, no children, anyone who doesn’t care, anyone who doesn’t follow social media, media, news, anyone who isn’t fluent in English, anyone who doesn’t use technology)
  • How can this be viewed through a sociological lens? = The Panopticon

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