Vancouver is fatigued by VPD Riot Investigation only 64 charged. No web traffic makes cops sad.

Police had their chance.  Instead of doing something and taking advantage of social media, VPD missed the action.  Over a year later, VPD is struggling to get news, or something. Help is not what they are getting.  In the days following the UK Riot, the UK police had posted pictures and the public assisted with the  arrest of hundreds of suspects.  

Will VPD even get to 100 charges? Not likely.  Millions of taxpayers dollars to convict dozens of people.  You might as well have given each convicted riot criminal 1Million dollars, to come in, and turn themselves in.  It would have been cheaper.

Because humans like numbers?

  • ƒ recommended 432 charges against 150 suspected rioters
  • ƒ Crown has approved 171 criminal charges against 64 suspected rioters
  • ƒ 16 % of rioters are from Vancouver
  • ƒ 84 % are from outside Vancouver
  • ƒ 130 men and 20 women
  • ƒ average age is 21 years
  • ƒ youngest male is 15 years of age
  • ƒ oldest male is 52 years of age
  • ƒ youngest female is 17 years of age
  • ƒ oldest female is 30 years of age
  • ƒ most charges recommended against one individual: 10
  • ƒ Young Offenders (under 18 years old): 22

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