Unbelievable how much personal data Facebook stores on each of us

Facebook consistently reappears in the news with regards to privacy and the data it keeps on each of its users. For example, earlier this week an engineer working for the social network had to explain why Facebook tracks you even when you’re logged out.

While Facebook insists it does not share your details with anyone, would it surprise you to find the amount of data stored about each user may in fact total 800 pages? It certainly surprised me.

If you live in Europe, then you have the right under a European data protection law to request a copy of all information stored about you on any given service. In the case of Facebook, you can demand such information via the Personal Data Requests form.

The website Europe versus Facebook (EvF) decided to share the data it received in response to such a request, and the sheer amount of information is quite staggering. In total, the example PDF document that has been shared online is 880 pages long.


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