Law Enforcement officers need to protect themselves when using social media – Military Handbook

Rules of Engagement
Listen to active audiences to determine how to best engage. The paradigm of telling everyone what they
need to know no longer carries significant weight when communicating via social media channels —
social media requires, and begins with, listening. If you don’t know and understand the audiences you are
communicating with, then the interaction will be of limited value. Listening to the online community and
complying with Department of Defense policies is paramount to communication success.

Core Values in the Social Media Commuity
Achieving sustainable credibility online is guided by accepted standards that we
live by as American service members. These values should guide participation in
the social media process and strengthen organizational credibility.
The Marine Corps strongly adheres to our core values in the online social
media community, and we expect the same commitment from all Marine Corps
representatives – from Public Affairs and Marine spokespersons to the individual
Marine. Deviation from these commitments may be subject to disciplinary review
or other appropriate action

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