Toronto Police Social Media Crime Unit FAIL

How does this benefit the citizen, protect us, serve us?

The Toronto Police have been duped by a “social media expert”.  Pure crap.  Waste of tax payer dollars.  Toronto citizens should be upset.  No value in one way broadcast messages to the public via Facebook and Twitter channels.  Law enforcement need more investment and better teachers.  “Social media gurus” that have been consulting for police agencies are clowns. 

The nine goals of Toronto Police Service Media program:

  • To establish an external social media strategy for Corporate Communications;
  • To make suggestions on website redesign;
  • To create and make recommendations for using social media to improve internal communications;
  • To identify other areas of the Service that would benefit from leveraging social media;
  • To create a training module;
  • To create an ongoing support system for officers engaged in the use of SM;
  • To evaluate and create a social media communications policy/procedure in order to ensure sound governance is employed;
  • To create a plan to measure the Service’s effectiveness at using social media;
  • To develop a marketing campaign that would highlight the Service’s social media strategy.
  1. Cult of the amateur – What makes you a social media guru? « facebookjustice

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