Your application for a new job starts here!

Sample Questionnaire – credit check, background check, social networking check

  1. List all online communities in which you are an active member.
  2. List any email addresses that you have used in the past seven years. Remember to include college, military, and Internet service provider (ISP) email addresses.
  3. Include all personal, work, school, organizational, military, cell phone, and instant messaging email addresses. List the type, and whether it is current or shared by another user.
  4. List any screen names, handles, or nicknames used online not listed above.
  5. List your own Web sites, blogs, or other personal profiles that are online (e.g., MySpace, Facebook,
  6. List anyone who shared the use of an email address, or access to the same computer with you, including your spouse or significant other(s), family, roommates, etc.
  7. Have you ever been disciplined or penalized by an ISP or information systems owner for failure to abide by an authorized use policy? If so, explain.
  8. Have you ever been denied Internet or other information systems services? If so, explain.
  9. Have you ever knowingly violated laws, regulations, or the rules or authorized use policies of an information system provider, including work or home Internet service?
  10. Have you created computer programs, configured or managed information systems, or otherwise participated in computer systems administration? If so, briefly describe.
  11. Have you ever been accused of or been responsible for an information systems outage, failure, intrusion, or security incident? If so, describe.
  12. Have you ever participated in unauthorized file sharing, unauthorized access to digital content (e.g., software, music, movies, files), or similar unauthorized systems activities? If so, explain.
  13. Have you ever connected unauthorized devices (including memory media, modems, personal digital assistants, wireless Internet, cell phones, music pods) to an information system belonging to an employer or someone else? If so, explain.
  14. Please make any comment or statement you would like to add about your history of computer systems and Internet use.

Social Media History Becomes a New Job Hurdle

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