Social media on “Social media case study”

Social media influence

  • Texting, instant messaging  and Tweet Ups contributed to huge post-game crowds downtown
  • Social media fanned the flames of the riot through text, video and photo sharing; instant messaging; tweets; e-mails; and live posts by citizens and journalists
  • Vancouver police used live Tweets to encourage public to report crimes via Crime Stoppers and other resources
  • VPD police suggested text messages be used to report crime tips: ‘BCTIP’ to 274637
  • Mob mentality and the presence of media, thousands of cell phone cameras, video cams and other cameras seemed to encourage escalating violence
  • Bystanders were egging on drunken youths, encouraging damage, vandalism, and looting
  • Many of the mostly-young people committing crimes seemed to be further encouraged by the celebrity; most were not concerned or failed to recognize they were being captured on all kinds of cameras and social media.
  • Facebook and Twitter  up to date on the latest breaking news
  • Social media was used by friends and relatives to let others know they were okay
  • Facebook was used to let people know that various bridges were shut down and give alternate routes
  • Twitter was used by the mayor to give status updates
  • Hospitals were using Twitter to tell the public they were at capacity and not to come in
  • Spread rumors of a death
  • City of Vancouver newsroom with news releases and instructions for volunteer cleanup
  • Vancouver Police Department newsroom with news releases and instructions for citizens to submit video and photos of vandalism and crime for police investigation
  • Mainstream media news coverage of the riot, the cleanup and of the embarrassment playing on national and global media
  • Extensive blogging and analysis by residents and bloggers near and far
  • Flickr features hundreds of dramatic photo uploads
  • Twitter coverage continues minute by minute and trends on several related topics
  • Numerous Facebook walls suggest visitors identify pictures and video of those committing crimes; a lynch mob mentality seems to prevail in many comments
  • Full page newspaper ads run in both daily newspapers by pop singer and Vancouver resident Michael Buble and The Bay department store, each thanking volunteers and encouraging pride in the city
  • YouTube video clips of the riot are receiving tens of thousands of views; several have more than 130,000 views already
  • Mainstream media and their social media sites continue coverage and post-riot analysis
  • Some of the blog posts are as passionate and well-written as any journalism anywhere
  • Police continue to use social media for investigation
  • Some riot participants have posted online apologies publicly or anonymously and others have begun turning themselves in to police
  • The Bay department store held a free morning pancake breakfast to thank cleanup volunteers who were invited through social media
  • The latest development has been a series of widely-circulated public apologies in both mainstream and social media. The efforts have drawn applause and criticism as well as the expected deluge of vigilante-type comments.

Cloning – Reblogs and retweets

Independent Thinking

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