Zero Charged – Many identified

Did social media play a positive role in bringing people to justice or did it just provide a forum for the online mob? If the police had managed the submission and identification of online riot evidence, could that have changed the dialogue and public behaviour?  Would it have been more successful in identifying criminals? Did police charge any of the suspected rioters identified by social media? 

VPD FB website

The Forensic Services Section/Tech Crimes Unit of the Integrated Riot Investigation Team is currently reviewing approximately 600 GB of data, 15,000 images and nearly 3,000 individual video data files. This equates to approximately 1200 – 1600 hours of video.  Every image and every video is being carefully screened, sometimes frame by frame, to capture the clearest picture of a face or an identifying article of clothing.

  1. No charges sends bad message to rioters « facebookjustice

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