Police need to catch up to social media and Web 2.0

Great opportunity for London 2012 Olympics to review their social media plans

  • Evaluate current social media investigation methods, policies and procedures
  • Prioritize deployment of monitoring tools for social media like Twitter, Google, Facebook and Youtube
  • Establish investigation techniques to observe changing patterns in online behaviours
  • Plan for capacity and pre-stage or deploy IT infrastructure or Cloud infrastructure to facilitate data archival and data transfer from online community
  • Establish methods of preferred data types, instructions for data capture like photos and videos, and protocols for collecting evidence from online community
  • Establish routine communication with online community and monitor for mob mentality and online riotous behaviour
  • Monitor online behaviours for signs of vigilantism, and reassure online community of safety
  • Ensure the safety of online participants.  Community will not support police if they feel unsafe in cyberspace
  • Establish trained and skilled resources for collection, seizure, analysis of photos/videos
  • Establish and practice processing massive amounts of digital evidence with photo and video software
  • Be prepared to be overwhelmed with data
  1. Angry crowdsourced citizen’s doing the work of the police in London Riots « facebookjustice
  2. NYPD Social Media Unit – For The Win « facebookjustice

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