Tools already available for monitoring Twitter, Facebook, YouTube comments


  • Blogs (LiveJournal, TypePad)
  • Message Boards and Forums
  • Microblogs (Twitter, Plurk,
  • Wikis (sites that allow the public to make changes & updates)
  • Video and Photsharing (YouTube, Flickr)
  • Social Network (Ning, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Classified Sites (Craigslist)
  • Review Sites (ePinions)

Web Mining Efficiently

Web mining means to download information from websites. Now you may ask why we do not do this by hand, and the answer is very simple. To do this by hand is a waste of time and very tedious work. All this work could be done by simply using a computer with web mining software installed on it so that the computer can use this software from Mozenda . com to download the essential information that you would like. It doesn’t just download everything because that would be a waste of time. Rather it is smart software that can be used to gather the exactly right and perfectly fitting information from websites that you require.

Copy Website Content

Copying website content is done by using website download software. This software allows you to copy web pages to your hard drive from the internet. After you download the website pages you can view them later from you hard drive. Most of the software has an export feature that allows you to view the downloaded pages in different browsers. The export feature also allows you to copy downloaded websites to other computers in order to view them later and prepares websites for burning them to a CD or DVD. JPEG images can also be ripped with this software and stored on your hard drive to be viewed at a later date.

Extract Text

It is often a hassle when you have to get text from documents that are in PDF, DVL or HTML format. While it is possible to copy and paste the text you want, it can be very tedious and you may even get the inaccurate text.

Extract text is software that allows you to get the text in a much easier way. It is possible to extract the text using extract software. This software will help you extract text from any website that you are using. It also makes it possible to extract the text from multiple websites at the same time. The text that you extract will be accurate and takes a short time.

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